Musician’s Workbench – You Play It Displays The Score


Sound Analysis

Real time polyphonic music transcription over 3 octaves directly from any instrument.


This is for any musician who needs to compose or transcribe music. An invaluable asset in any studio or music school.

You play it displays the score.


Read about how the Musician’s Workbench was conceived and designed here

Main Features

  • Fast and accurate.
  • Real time, and simple to use
  • 7 Octave ranges.
  • 33 Key signatures
  • 14 Time signatures
  • Built in Metronome
  • Detailed analysis tools.
  • Profile your specific instrument for even greater accuracy.
  • Highly configurable workspace
  • Arrange the workspace to your liking.
  •  Setting are saved and restored
  • Set up the workbench once only.
  • No tedious configuration every time.
  • Built in informational hints.

The Beta testing is now closed

We are still giving away this unique software to musician’s .

All we ask in return is that you use the software and provide us with some feedback.


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