The Imaging Whiteboard – you draw it executes

The Imaging Whiteboard is designed as an active whiteboard for image and video processing algorithms.

As an algorithm is drawn on the whiteboard canvas the algorithm is executed.

This is a tool for imaging developers and for educators.

To draw on the whiteboard right click on the background and select imaging components from the menu.

These components may be moved using the right mouse button, and connected to each other using the left mouse button.

Components may be configured.

Inputs : Camera, Image File, Video File, or Test Pattern Generator.

Outputs : Monitor, Image File, Video File, or Histogram.

Operations : Invert, Threshold, Brightness and Contrast, Real-Time Temporal Filter, Real-Time Frame Difference, Convolutions, Morphological Operations, FFT Filtering, and Image Warping.

All operations are performed in double precision floating point, and full color.

Motion detection with false alarm reduction

Extracting a detail and using sharpening to reduce blurring

FFT Include high frequencies mask applied to blurred checkerboard test pattern

Imaging Whiteboard Users Guide

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