Highly configurable workspace 

 The Musician’s Workbench is a configurable space into which tools can be placed. Active tools interoperate. Tools are sourced from the built in tool store. The workspace configuration is saved and restored, so nobody puts your tools away. 

 The Musician’s Workbench is built for future expansion. More tools will be added to the tool store dependent on customer feedback. Ideas are; a score editor, a MIDI adapter, a MusicXML adapter, a guitar tabs visualizer, etc. If you have any suggestions post them on our Facebook page.  

Transcription Pipeline 

This is the heart of the Musician’s Workbench. This converts audio samples to music notation in real time. Advanced features insure the highest possible accuracy. The transcription pipeline is easily adapted to the acoustics of your instrument. Build a profile in less than a minute. 

Built In Metronome 

This defines beat and time signature. The metronome will provide a visible and audible beat. The selected time signature will define the rhythm of the Metronome and also the time signature used to score the music. The metronome drives the entire transcription process by timing the audio samples captured by the audio input tool. 

Audio Input Tool 

The Musician’s Workbench supports 7 octave ranges; from contra to four-lined. Octave designations are explained here. Three octaves will be transcribed; the one selected and the ones above and below the selected octave. The audio input tool can be precisely tuned to your instrument. Once tuned the settings are saved and restored.
The audio input tool is triggered by the metronome so that samples are taken on the metronome beat. This insures completely accurate rhythm interpretation.
The Audio Input also has an auto metronome for convenience when tuning or just experimenting. 

Score Visualizer 

This tool will display the music score as it is transcribed. It will also print the score to any attached printer. 

Bar Details Viewer 

Take a deep dive into your session. This tool will show the audio samples captured, the FFT results, the note values and the profiler output. 

No unsolicited popup message boxes 

The Musician’s Workbench does not throw up message boxes just for you to click OK. I know you hate them. They do not happen. 

Help when you need it 

The user’s manual is available directly from the help menu. Clicking ‘Show Users Guide’ under the help menu will launch the guide.

The info symbol  will appear in many places, clicking this will bring up a help message about the control associated with the symbol. 

Report issues with one click 

The real time logging tool will send the log text and optionally the session data and a note from you. This means that any issues can be exactly reproduced and resolved at Sound Analysis.