The second release of the Imaging Whiteboard has all of the features of the first release and adds the following new features:

Improved menu tree
Help dialog on each control
Audio and Audio/Video controls
Input from TiVo on a local network
Input from YouTube
ROI Tracker
Save and Restore whiteboards
File format conversion tool
Fish-eye warping
Mandelbrot generator
Image resizing controls
More temporal controls
More pixel operations
Primary and Secondary images in each frame

Audio Video controls

Audio has been added throughout, so all video frames carry the audio associated with that frame. there are new Audio Video input controls, new Audio Video save controls, and new audio analysis tools.

Save and Restore Whiteboards

The Whiteboard controls and setting can be saved to an XML file so that a whiteboard can be restored in the future. This allows the user to save and reuse whiteboards, to restore and continue work on a whiteboard, and for whiteboards to be distributed.

Cookbook recipes are contained in the CookbookXML zip file.

File Conversion tool

This has been added as a convenience so that the user can convert any video file to another format.

File Converter Tool

Region Of Interest (ROI) Tracker

This control will use pattern matching to track a target in the image. Here we can see an infra red video downloaded from YouTube with the soldier on the right being tracked.

Mandelbrot Input Control

The Mandelbrot Generator
Mandelbrot pattern displayed

Imaging Whiteboard 2.5 Users Guide

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Imaging Whiteboard 2.5 Installer