Monthly Archives: October 2021

A new control will allow the user to add random noise to the video.

The slider control will modify the amount of noise added from none to only noise.

This control will allow the user to evaluate various noise reduction techniques.

The temporal filter will do a pretty good job with high filter values, but, the problem of movement blurring will be worse at higher levels. This technique is only applicable to video, not single images.

The most obvious spatial technique would be a low pass convolution. This will result in a loss of detail, but is applicable to video or still images.

A couple of morphological operations will do a better job of removing noise, but will result in some image blocking.

The choice of noise reduction technique will depend on the application, the amount of noise anticipated, and personal taste. The Imaging Whiteboard will now allow the user to experiment with various techniques and combinations; varying the parameters and noise level to find the preferred approach.