Monthly Archives: March 2023

This release will include AI functionality. This will include a new tool which will allow the user to design a Convolutional Neural Network, to train and test this network and to save the network at any stage.

There will be a new control an Image Classifier that will use trained models to classify images. There are enhancements to existing controls to support the preparation of training data and using the classifier in the whiteboard.

The user should have a broad understanding of Convolutional Neural Network structures, but unlike other scripting tools is not required to understand the mathematics that underpin this technology. The user is not required to write any code or script. Every part of the process, from preparing the training data to deploying the network, is performed graphically using the Imaging Whiteboard and the CNN Configuration tool.

I am currently in the final stages of testing and documentation.

Here is a screen shot of the CNN Configurator taken during training.