The Mandelbrot generator has been added to the Imaging Whiteboard. The whole point of the Mandelbrot is infinite complexity from a simple algorithm. The plot points are generated with only 5 lines of code:

                    Complex z = new Complex(0.0, 0.0);
                    Complex c = new Complex(((double)w - MandelbrotSize / 2 + 
                                             HOffsetSliderValue) / (ZoomSliderValue * 64), 
                                            ((double)h - MandelbrotSize / 2 + 
                                             VOffsetSliderValue) / (ZoomSliderValue * 64));
                    uint iteration = 0;
                    for (; iteration < maxIterations && z.Magnitude < 2; iteration++)
                        z = (z * z) + c;

The control allows the user to zoom into details of the Mandelbrot and generate details.

The detail shown above is from the very left tip of the full scan. It seems that this detail repeats the full scan, but, not exactly. At first glance the Mandelbrot seems to contain much repetition; unlike fractals these repetitions are not exact.

The full un-zoomed plot looks like:

The beta sign-up page on the web site is up. The first of the beta testers are signing up.

Time to think about Beta 2. I’ll continue to stress the algorithms – accuracy is everything. And of course respond to feed back from the beta 1 testers.

In addition a new tool is under development; a score editor. This will not be a full blown score editor, there are enough of those on the market. It will allow users to make modifications and corrections to the transposed score.

The beta 1 version installer was produced this morning. There were a couple of last minute fixes. A bug fix to the auto-metronome. The copyright date was moved to 2014. The users guide was updated.